Movin’ on Up: Itty Bitty Apartment to Our First Home


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Let me introduce you to the newest residents of Kirkland, WA! After nearly 8 months of waiting, we have our house. Don’t let the name fool you… there is NOTHING short about a short-sale. In the end, it is well … Continue reading

Speed Dating Europe

We have just returned from our 12-day whirlwind trip to Europe. Our vacation started off in Rome for 3 days, and then we hoped aboard an amazing cruise ship where we set sail through the Mediterranean visiting Spain, France, and more of Italy.

Alex and I planned this trip quickly over the last month on whim, with our one year anniversary approaching (since neither of us had been to Europe). We made time to get a few books, order some power outlet converters, and buy Alex a “hidden wallet.” Against my better judgment and erring on the side of fashion… I did not get a hidden wallet, or a fanny pack. As fate would have it, within ONE HOUR of arriving in Rome, my wallet ($600 Euro, all my credit cards, and my ID) was stolen by a Gypsy. Not the highlight of the trip to say the least!

Aside from the pit pocketing episode, our trip was phenomenal. Our trip took us through Rome, Cinque Terre, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples, Cannes, Marseille, and Barcelona. After speed-dating Europe, we have fallen in love with Rome, Barcelona, and France (especially Cannes)! And before we left, we were already planning our next trip… Southern Italy, Paris, and Spain.

While we whole-heartedly enjoyed our trip, we are ecstatic to be back home in the United States where: water is free, rooms are bigger, you can’t smoke in public places, and where there are rules for driving.  Oh the things we take for granted.

In the short time we were there, we took over 3,000 pictures. Here is a mini photo album of our adventures.

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August 6th, 2012 (Our 1st Wedding Anniversary)

Today we celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. We feel truly blessed for all the amazing things the last year has brought us. We have been a part of many beautiful weddings for both friends and relatives, welcomed wonderful new additions to our family (Gail, Maya, Sasha, & Gracie), and been able to witness the graduation of my brother Blake.  It is truly amazing how quickly a year goes by. Thank you so much to our loving family and friends- the last 365 days would not have been the same without you!

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How do we begin to celebrate such an epic year? Well tonight we will feast on Sushi. But in a few short days we will be boarding a plane to Rome for 2 weeks, where we will set sail on a Mediterranean cruise. We cannot contain our excitement! Until then, here is a look back on our wedding and honeymoon adventures from last year.

Now that our newlywed days are behind us, I need ideas for a new blog name & subtitle. Any suggestions?